Voice Opportunities for Entertainment

Bring Characters to Life

Voice apps offer an entirely new medium for entertainment brands to bring stories and characters to life through custom audio that reflects brand personas.

Distribute Content

From the largest radio broadcaster to popular podcasters and video content providers, media and voice are a perfect match to easily distribute content through voice.

Provide Information & News

Media brands can enable fans to search for news by category and location, receive a summary from radio news, and get updates on market activity by sector.

Activate and Engage Fans

Create unique and engaging experiences for music and media fans with voice commands that grant access to exclusive voice content.

How Voice Assistants Help Entertainment Brands Innovate

Entertainment Use Cases

Voice assistants have moved beyond everyday commands and are becoming one of the most engaging platforms for entertainment. Fun voice-based media now allow users to do more than manage grocery lists.

Users can: 

  • Ask about ratings for a movie or TV show
  • Search for and play music, podcasts and audiobooks
  • Play entertaining stories and music for children
  • Create interactive experiences like voting for a favorite character or earning rewards for answering trivia questions

Media Use Cases

Not only can users access their favorite news stations quickly with a voice assistant, but it's now easier to get information tailored to the users’ locations and interests.

Users can:

  • Search for news by category and location
  • Ask for trending news from social media
  • Receive a summary from radio news

Gaming Use Cases

Bring video game characters to life through new conversational experiences to augment interactions with players at home. 

Users can:

  • Engage in daily interactions with a video game character
  • Obtain custom recommendations based on previous gameplay
  • Ask for digital items in real-time with simple voice commands


Voice Experiences for Entertainment 

PullString has partnered with leading entertainment, media and gaming brands to power some of the most successful interactive voice experiences at scale. Examples of customers include: 

  • Amazon Studios - The Grand Tour and Bosch
  • Nickelodeon - Spongebob and LoudHouse
  • FremantleMedia - The Match Game
  • Activision - Destiny 2 Ghost
  • iHeartRadio - iHeart Santa and Macy's Rising Star
  • HBO - Westworld: The Maze
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