Opportunities for Brands & Voice Applications

Engage Consumers in Conversations

Voice applications allow brands to engage in highly personalized, interactive voice technology conversations to activate consumers.

Interact at Home

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and other voice-enabled platforms provide brands with a channel to interact with their customers at home where products and services are being used.

Conversational Support

Increase NPS and overall customer satisfaction by enabling delightful customer support experiences through conversational experiences with consistent brand-voice.

In-Home Market Research Engagement

Engage consumers in-home to perform product and market research to capture real-time insights into product demand and interests.

Considerations for Brands in Voice Applications

Define Your Brand's Persona

Conversational AI experiences through voice applications represent an opportunity for Brands to extend their company's voice and tone in every customer interaction with an Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or IoT-based engagement.

It is important up-front to give some thought to how you would like to represent your brand in this voice-first context.  What tone will your voice app carry forward?  How will the voice app handle off-topic questions?  What opportunities do you have to use rich multi-media?

Designing for voice applications requires anticipating a number of questions, and answers or responses, that you wouldn't typically need to be concerned about in mobile or web-based application efforts.


Start Focused, and Learn

Voice Applications, just like mobile apps on phones, can support a wide-variety of use cases and voice experiences for your customers.

Our Customer Success Program's work over the years with a variety of organizations has found that it is always best to start with a single focused use-case in mind, and delight your users with that voice experience. 

Then, through the use of voice analytics and testing, you can expand your voice application's knowledge and capabilities, broaden the customer interaction, and increase engagement with the voice technology over time.

Delight Your Audience

It’s important to test your experience and design both for the “happy path” of your conversation as well as the unexpected things that your customers are certain to surprise you with.

Additionally, look for opportunities to delight your users through "unexpected responses" that can bring more fun and play to the experience.

With PullString's product, we encourage the use of our standard components to answer common "off-path" questions you should anticipate from your audience. 



Putting it All Together

Brands that wish to produce voice applications for use on Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IoT devices have traditionally required technical resources to design and write code against the various platform providers APIs, and then integrate that code directly with the target voice-enabled device platform.  This approach provides maximum flexibility for the organization, but also tends to introduce a substantial technical burden and challenges in scaling and adapting the experience in market.

PullString provides a turn-key solution for brands and creative agencies that want to rapidly design, prototype, and publish voice applications.  In our work with organizations over the years, we’ve seen a wide variety of award winning applications built with our software. Here are a few examples to get your wheels turning:

  • Narrative experiences highlighting your brand and product(s)
  • Quiz Experiences
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Games
  • Question and Answers - provide voice-enabled FAQs
  • In-home product support - provide experiences to support questions about your product or service at the place of use
  • Product Launch Experiences to augment campaigns and engagement efforts
  • Customer Support experiences to troubleshoot prior to escalation to a call center agent


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