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[Guest Post] PullString and Alexa hit the road on 'The Grand Tour'

On November 18, the first episode of The Grand Tour series marked the most-watched premiere in Amazon’s video streaming service’s history. British car enthusiasts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May returned to the screen for an all-new series of globetrotting adventures. Each episode takes Amazon Prime Video viewers to another exotic location.

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Announcing Amazon Alexa development integration and launch of The Grand Tour skill

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Hybrid AI and Machine Learning: Letting Computers Talk Back

Artificial intelligence is a heavily overloaded term that means different things to different people. As Benedict Evans notes, AI is often used to describe seemingly magical behavior that we don’t yet understand, but once we do we just call it computation. In recent years, the emerging field of machine learning has become very popular and has demonstrated a lot of promise, with some considering it to be a subset of AI and others considering to be a distinct discipline. For more background on the related topics of AI and machine learning, I recommend watching Frank Chen’s fantastic primer.

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How to write convincing bots and computer conversations using fallbacks, interjections, and believability credit

Computer conversation is an entirely new medium for entertainment and commerce.

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What Talkabot tells us about the present and future of computer conversation

Thousands of the best and most prominent chatbot writers, developers and messaging platform reps attended one of the first conferences centered on chatbots—Talkabot—hosted by in Austin, TX in late September.

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Computer Conversation

If you were born 20 years ago, it is very likely that all the memories you have of technology in your lifetime include the Internet. If you were born 15 years ago, your memories probably all include digital music. 10 years ago, social media. 5 years ago, touchscreens. And if you are new to this world today, then I believe that you will grow up in a world where it’s assumed that you can talk to all of the computing devices around you.

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Announcing the PullString Platform

Today we’re announcing the general availability of the PullString Platform, giving anyone the ability to create their own text, voice, or graphical computer conversation experiences that can be easily deployed across a range of platforms.

For over half a decade, we've connected characters and audiences through conversation. Our platform has been used to produce Activision’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s promotional chatbot on Facebook Messenger, power the audio conversations of Mattel’s Hello Barbie, and help launch the new season of the Channel 4 series, Humans. Now, we’re excited to make our tools and cloud services available to everyone, allowing you to build the next great conversational experience.

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