40+ Voice-First Use Cases for Enterprise Orgs

April 18, 2018


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"Is it possible to use my voice to ask Salesforce.com for updates to my pipeline?Yes!

"We've got a crazy idea - can we use voice and smart speakers for marketing lead capture?" Yep!

"Open Enrollment for my employees is coming up in the fall. We’d love to be able to provide a virtual assistant to guide our employees through the process of selecting their benefits. Is that a crazy idea?” Happy to show you how!

The examples above are just a few of the examples PullString is empowering enterprise organizations to realize with their customers, partners, and employees through voice-first experiences. We’ve compiled many additional use cases into a Voice Solution Map to help spark ideas on how next-generation voice experiences can improve business workflow and access to the information that drives your decisions and business. You can download the PullString Voice Solutions Map here.

Additionally, in a recently conducted Smart Speaker Survey in North America, we identified some of the most common use cases for consumers in their homes. 

Looking forward to hearing your “crazy ideas” for voice and demonstrating how you can achieve those today with PullString Converse.


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