Create and Deploy Engaging Voice Experiences Faster with PullString Converse 1.0

February 28, 2018

Today, we are happy to announce the release of PullString Converse 1.0!

This new release empowers creatives and knowledge workers to create advanced and highly branded voice apps for Alexa without having to write any code.  Converse 1.0 is building on top of our initial release and furthering its unique advantages: ease of use, end to end solution, and collaborative workflow.

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Engaging users through personalization

Marketers know that the most successful digital interactions are the ones that build a high level of intimacy with their customers. Converse 1.0 now supports the ability to extract pieces of information gained through interactions, store them and use them to personalize the conversational experience.  To do so, Converse added the support for variables, entities and Alexa slot types, as well as template-based conversation blocks for questionnaire-like data capture and conditional branching.


Enrich conversation with dynamic content

Sometimes data required for a meaningful conversation needs to come from external systems. For example, when retrieving order status, service request update, or store location. Converse 1.0 now supports the ability to pass data back and forth with third party systems to enrich the conversation.  It enables IT manager or developers to configure javascript based web service calls that can be easily used by voice UX designers.  This version of Converse adds the ability for technical professionals to use JavaScript to extend the functionality of the platform, or build integrations by creating new services that can be used in the pre-built data-capture conversation block.


Brand voice experiences with custom sound and custom voice

In order to help differentiate voice apps on Alexa, brands need to be able to modify the voice that carries their brand value. Converse 1.0 now makes it easy to include audio files which can add sound effects or replace the synthetic voice of Alexa to create uniquely branded voice experiences. Converse 1.0 adds the ability to manage large numbers of sound files, and to seamlessly include them at any point in the conversational experience.  Converse also enables the addition of sound effects by including SSML (Speech Syntax Markup Language) tags in a visual and friendly way.


Create, Deploy and Update skills faster

One of the biggest goals for voice app publishers is to generate repeat visits.  To do so, the content and experience of voice apps need to be updated frequently. Converse has been built from the ground up to allow a team of people, from Digital Marketers, Voice Experience Designers, to Developer to collaborate efficiently to quickly bring to market new voice apps. This version of Converse adds support for project management, empowering Digital agencies-of-record to initiate work on an Alexa Skill, and then transfer ownership to the brand when desired.  


Converse introduces several dramatic productivity improvements: advanced permission management to control who can contribute to a given voice app project; an improved canvas that can be used to craft the VUI in a graphical interface; the ability to clone projects or conversation blocks; and the ability to deploy or delete a skill.  All without coding.

Final Thoughts

Converse is changing how voice apps are being created and deployed: from the current developer led process to a marketing / Voice User design led process.  At PullString, our roots come from the movie and animation industry; we know the creative process required to create dialogs that will keep an audience engaged.  Converse 1.0 is our first step to open the door to voice app creation to millions of creatives, marketers, voice UX designers.


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Written by Guillaume Privat

Guillaume is Vice President Product at PullString, where he leads product strategy and design. His mission is to combine art and science to create the simplest experience to design, prototype and publish voice applications. Before joining PullString, he held various product executive positions in Adobe’s Digital Media and Digital Marketing business units, Macromedia, Siebel Systems, and Grameen. When not working at PullString, Guillaume produces Olive Oil from a grove in the South of France.

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