Conversational Commerce with PullString

April 23, 2018

Conversational commerce through platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IoT devices has the potential to be one of the most significant transformational technology shifts since the introduction of e-commerce.

Conversational Commerce

example VUI supporting conversational commerce

1 in 4 shoppers are already using voice assistants to assist in the shopping experience, and as more brands become voice-activated, we believe that will only accelerate.

Capgemini recently published a new report focused on the opportunities ahead for conversational commerce. Based on this research, Capgemini data suggests 40% of consumers expect to use voice assistants ahead of their mobile or web browser or in-store shopping. Reimagining this voice-first experience to support commerce and customer engagement is an exciting opportunity for brands and agencies.

Considering enabling voice to support your customers? We'd love to help by providing a workshop to organizations beginning to design for a voice-first conversational commerce experience. You can get started here.

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Written by Michael Fitzpatrick

Michael is President and Chief Operating Officer at PullString, where he leads transformational efforts in moving the company’s award winning software and creative services capabilities towards cloud-based products and service offerings. Michael is passionate about building and empowering teams at PullString to drive product innovation and enable global businesses to achieve their dreams in computer conversation. Prior to PullString, Michael was CEO and Co-Founder of ConnectSolutions, and a product executive at Adobe, Macromedia, Siebel Systems, and Vignette. If he was not working at PullString, Michael would be a backup guitarist for the Allman Brothers.

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