Find inspiration for your next voice App with our new PullString Skill

April 24, 2018

A lot of our customers ask us how they can leverage voice apps (Alexa skills or Google Assistant actions) to improve their customer journeys, or drive efficiency internally with other stakeholders.

We provided some answers in two recent blog posts (Enhance your customer journey with voice apps and 40+ Voice First use cases for Enterprise Orgs). But we thought it would be more fun to create a voice app that lets you experience first hand what a voice app can do for your organization.

Introducing our PullString Alexa Skill

pullstringskill_logoIntroducing our PullString Alexa Skill.  Open our skill and we will walk you through different voice app use cases for your organization: are you looking to move some frequently asked questions to a voice app in order to improve your support experience?  Are you looking to deploy voice commerce and let customers place or check orders status to drive more revenue? Are you looking to provide a choose your own adventure type of game to extend your brand on a new channel?  Use our app to understand how each of these use cases could sound like for your organization.

Our skill will also help you differentiate between using Alexa voice and hiring voice talents to craft a unique and highly branded experience.

Finally, it will provide you with some key best practices that we have learned working in the field of computer conversation for the last 7 years.

Go to your Alexa console, enable the PullString skill and “ask PullString for example voice applications” !


At PullString, we strive to help people talk effortlessly with the technology that surrounds us. PullString Converse empowers teams to design, prototype, and publish highly engaging voice apps. 


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Written by Guillaume Privat

Guillaume is Vice President Product at PullString, where he leads product strategy and design. His mission is to combine art and science to create the simplest experience to design, prototype and publish voice applications. Before joining PullString, he held various product executive positions in Adobe’s Digital Media and Digital Marketing business units, Macromedia, Siebel Systems, and Grameen. When not working at PullString, Guillaume produces Olive Oil from a grove in the South of France.

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