PullString Converse 1.3: Monetize Premium Content To Enrich Your Alexa Skill Experience

August 2, 2018

PullString Conversation Cloud’s incredible pace of innovation continues. Today, we are happy to announce our latest release of PullString Converse which enables our customers and partners to monetize Alexa Skills with premium content. In addition, you can create Alexa skills for the Italian and Spanish markets and develop skills with confidence that your work is safe and securely backed up with a new project snapshot functionality.

Monetize your Premium Content

Amazon introduced the concept of Alexa’s In Skill Purchasing (ISP) late last year. PullString took part in the ISP beta program, and with Freemantle Media, launched the MatchGame skill on PullString’s Conversation Cloud that included the ISP functionality. Now that Amazon has made ISP generally available, we are excited to announce support for ISPs in PullString Converse to allow organizations to craft upsell or purchasing experiences in their conversation flow.

In Skill Purchasing allows skill publishers in the U.S. to monetize the efforts they are putting into building and promoting their skill. With ISP, you can ask users to make a one time payment or subscribe in order to access premium content or functionalities in your skill. To learn more about ISP, check out this link.

Converse 1.3 introduces a new conversation block, called the Purchase Block. This block supports both one time payment and subscription. It can be configured to support all the key workflows of a purchasing experience: buy, upsell, refund or check entitlement.

¿ Habla Español ? Parli Italiano?

Converse 1.3 now allows you to create projects for skills in Italian or Spanish ahead of the upcoming launch of Alexa in Spain and Italy. Also, Alexa launched in France last month and we are happy to announce that you can now use our preview and sharing functionality for French projects.

Project Snapshots

Our new release introduces a new exciting feature to make your skill development easier: project snapshots. Since our first release of Converse, we offered the ability to roll-back a deployment (production, staging or beta) to an earlier version. Rolling back, though, meant only reverting to a previous version of the deployed build. It did not revert back the associated version on the project canvas.

Converse 1.3 now allows you to create project snapshots that you can revert to at any point in time. Want to push the art of what’s possible in a conversation flow, but not too sure it will work? Create a snapshot ahead of your work, and if you do not like where you end up, you can easily revert back. Everytime you deploy a new build, Converse automatically creates a snapshot as well.


Building a Compliant Platform

Data privacy is becoming front and center for many organizations, especially in the voice assistant space. At PullString, we continue to ensure our Conversation Cloud platform can be configured to comply with key privacy regulations like Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We encrypt all project data at rest and only transmit data over secure network protocols. We are also making it easy to clear all the state variables of a session, and providing options to not log any data in our analytics database to avoid capturing unwanted PII.


Other Product Enhancements

Converse 1.3 also brings many more enhancements based on requests from our customers that continue to make Converse the most user friendly solution to craft voice experiences: we have improved the audio streaming block, made it easier to visualize conditional or intent branching on the canvas, enabled you to see which intents or conditions lead to which conversation blocks, madeenabled the canvas automatically center as you navigate around, and allowed extension of Amazon built-in intents.


With Converse 1.3, you will be able to leverage Alexa’s In Skill Payment functionality to monetize your premium content, and reach new geographies opened up by Alexa with the peace of mind that you are publishing your skill on a platform that helps you meet the highest compliance requirements.

For more information on how to collaboratively design, prototype and publish Alexa skills with PullString voice technology software, contact us to schedule a demo.

Written by Guillaume Privat

Guillaume is Vice President Product at PullString, where he leads product strategy and design. His mission is to combine art and science to create the simplest experience to design, prototype and publish voice applications. Before joining PullString, he held various product executive positions in Adobe’s Digital Media and Digital Marketing business units, Macromedia, Siebel Systems, and Grameen. When not working at PullString, Guillaume produces Olive Oil from a grove in the South of France.

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