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Build your own Alexa skills with PullString.

PullString Author can now be used to build Alexa skills that can be published to Amazon's Skills Store. For the unfamiliar, PullString Author is an all-in-one environment that lets developers and creatives within startups, agencies, and enterprises develop human-fidelity computer conversations.

It’s the same software used to create and power some of the world's leading conversational experiences, including chatbots for Lt. Reyes (Call of Duty), Persona Synthetics (Channel 4 UK), and Doctor Strange (Marvel), and IoT devices such as the Hello Barbie doll and the Hello Dreamhouse (Mattel). 

Alexa skill support includes:

• Full automation of Interaction Model generation (including intent schema, slots, and sample utterances)

• Performance containing both Alexa TTS and pre-recorded audio

• Support for inline SSML markup

• Alexa Home Card support

• Creation of Alexa intents

• And more


The same software that powers The Grand Tour Alexa skill.

For Alexa users in the US and UK, watching The Grand Tour is only half the fun. Each Thursday, prior to the show’s Friday airtime, The Grand Tour skill gives clues to users about the upcoming episode. On Saturday, if users answer three trivia questions correctly, they’ll unlock exclusive video content. The skill features recorded dialogue from the cast: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.