Professional Authoring Environment.


Define your own context-specific intents or use the pre-built intents we've compiled for you in our default intent library.

Visual authoring of two-way conversation that supports conditional branching and referencing for content reuse.

Integrate text, images, audio, and video, as well as platform-specific structured messages and cards, to maximize user engagement.


Available now on both macOS and Windows.

Conversational AI Platform.

Machine Learning + Rule-Based AI

AI Engine
Our hybrid AI engine combines the precision of rule-based pattern matching with the ease of use of machine learning to automatically infer intents from user inputs.

Intents let you model the high-level goals or desires of users. We provide a rich built-in Intent Library to get you off the ground quickly.

PullString's natural language processing system can extract Entities such as names or numbers from a user's input and store them in state across conversations.

Maintain full control and precision over how your characters respond to users with PullString's powerful pattern matching capabilities.

Easily define related concepts and phrases, with the ability to automatically generate suggestions for new synonyms.

Dialog Management
Conversation is much more than just Intents. Create Time-Based Responses, Interjections, Segues, and Activities. Define contextual responses using Conditions and Priorities.

Rapid Iteration.


The chat debugger is integrated in PullString Author and features drag-and-drop debugging so you can test your conversation from any point.

Conversational state is clearly presented, so you can see what's going on under the hood. You can also access the debug output from your web service integrations here.

Built-in error checking catches problems before they're published, and a sandbox environment lets you dry run your content safely.

Connect to APIs

Connect to APIs.

Use Web Services to extend the capabilities of your conversational experiences so your bot can do things like access news or weather services, query a knowledge base, or add events to your calendar.

You can host your own endpoint using a simple JSON format, or you can embed Node.js routines in your content that we run for you in a secure sandboxed environment.

Make anything talk

Make anything talk.

We give you the API specification, open source SDKs for popular languages, and example code to let you build your own conversation-enabled apps, games, IoT devices, and more.

The PullString Web API provides a RESTful HTTPS interface to integrate the power of conversation into your own applications or devices. Send us text input or voice audio data and we'll send you a set of responses to perform. All the natural language processing, speech recognition, and dialog management is done for you.

Improve your conversations

Improve your conversations.

Our analytics suite goes beyond basic retention and engagement metrics and arms you with the tools necessary to understand how your content is performing in market.

Take a deep dive into your bot's performance and see how your audience reacts to changes in your content over time.

Enterprise Grade Hosting

Enterprise Grade Hosting.

Host and manage your content on our world-class infrastructure for reliability, security, and scalability.

Our intuitive web interface makes this process simple and painless.