Accelerate your voice app development with a proven and complete AI platform.

Proven Scalability

Conversation Cloud powers some of the most complex voice experiences like Hello Barbie, handling tens of thousands of lines and millions of transactions. Grow your voice experience with the confidence of a proven purpose-built platform.

Complete Solution

Conversation Cloud offers everything you need to deploy and manage voice experiences.  Focus on creating a great app, not integrating disparate technologies.

Context in Conversation

Out of the box, Conversation Cloud supports contextual intent recognition and the ability to preserve conversation state across time.  This means PullString-powered voice apps are much better at recognizing and matching user intents than other comparable systems.


Conversation Cloud is built on top of infrastructure leveraging leading standards for privacy and information security (SOC2, SOC3, ISO 27001,PCI). Additionally, PullString complies with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework.

Highlights of PullString Conversation Cloud

State Management

PullString's natural language processing system can extract Entities such as names or numbers from a user's input and store them in state across conversations, even when a user returns days or weeks later.

This ensures interrupted conversations do not have to start from the beginning of your experience, and that personalization can deliver the most engaging customer experience through voice.


3rd Party Intent Engine Support

Conversation Cloud provides advanced intent recognition engine to enable a complete solution from the beginning.  However, PullString users can also integrate with 3rd party intent engines like Google's DialogFlow, Microsoft's LUIS, Facebook's, Amazon's Lex or IBM’s Watson.

Rules-based AI Engine

PullString's hybrid AI engine combines the precision of rule-based pattern matching with the ease of use of machine learning to automatically infer intents from user inputs. Make your conversations smarter, and more successful with your users.



Powering Your Journey With Voice

Conversation Cloud powers the rich feature set of PullString Converse and provides additional functionalities like analytics webhooks, asset management, automatically generated synonyms, sandbox code execution, to help you develop the most expressive voice experience across any device.

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