Create Immersive Voice Experiences Powered by Conversational AI

Design real conversations, not code

Converse lets designers focus on the creative aspects of crafting immersive voice experiences, instead of the code. Converse handles the complexity of conversational AI, state management and much more for you.

Stand out with advanced voice and audio

Converse allows you to create expressive apps with custom voices and advanced sound design. And with the ability to easily handle thousands of audio files, you can create memorable experiences that drive user engagement.

Collaborate across your entire team

Behind every great voice app is a team—and not just designers and developers. With Converse, creatives and developers can collaborate directly with marketing and legal teams, ensure your app meets brand and legal compliance.

Leverage a complete voice solution

From prototyping, design and development to publishing, analyzing and training, Converse offers an end-to-end voice solution. You’ll have the tools you need to bring your app to market quickly and iterate efficiently.

PullString Converse Feature Highlights

Build your conversation visually

PullString Converse provides a conversational AI canvas, a more intuitive way to visualize your voice user interface.  

  • Build your conversation structure by laying out ready-to-use conversation blocks, then customizing them as you see fit.
  • Define a user's experience and flow through your voice application.
  • Provide conversation response variations to promote an engaging and dynamic experience for your voice users.
  • Handle the unexpected by easily defining user interjections, changes in context, and segues back into the normal conversation flow.
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PullString Converse - Q&A Conversation Block

Converse components simplify your voice design

Accelerate and simplify voice app development with PullString Converse’s built-in components—all let you focus on designing a conversation, not on coding.
  • Start with our greeting block, add a branching block to let users navigate the skill, add a Q&A block, or build your own custom block.
  • Create reusable modules that can contain conversation and content you can use in multiple places in your conversation flow.
  • Handle users’ unexpected interjections and changes of topic by using simple but powerful context switching.
  • Create, track and manage all your audio assets in a single easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Allow your voice app to communicate with existing CRM, Content Management, and ERP systems to provide contextual information, order information, account information, and more. (If an external application has an API, Converse can communicate with it.)

Create, test and deploy prototypes in minutes

Have a great idea? Converse lets you create a rapid prototype in just a few minutes, without worrying about the underlying code or deployment details.
  • Build a happy conversational AI path between your app and potential user experiences in just minutes.
  • Preview your experience instantly in a browser and test it with your voice.
  • hare your creation with others with just a link: no device or developer account required to experience your creation.
  • Instantly deploy to Amazon Alexa without worrying about uploading assets, code, interaction models, and other elements of your app.
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Additional Capabilities of PullString Converse 2.0

Converse offers many more features to help you craft great voice experiences from prototyping and designing to testing and deploying:


Advanced Voice and Audio Control

SSML and Custom Tags – PullString Converse directly supports use of industry standard SSML throughout the conversational experience. It also allows use of custom tags to provide dramatic pauses, emphasis, and a host of additional controls to craft the ultimate voice experiences you have in mind.

Audio Pipeline – Brands and agencies can leverage custom audio assets to enhance conversational experiences through rich soundscapes or custom voice experiences. Audio Pipeline simplifies the management of hundreds or thousands of audio files, including media, voiceovers, narration, and sound effects. It allows sound designers to batch import audio files and automatically associate them with respective dialog lines in the project.



Team Collaboration and Line Management

Creative collaboration – Team support in Converse allows organizations to collaborate on voice application design and development, from end to end. Creative professionals—including designers, sound engineers, and developers—can all work side-by-side in Converse to design, build, and deploy immersive voice applications that meet the various design and compliance requirements of an organization.

Line Management – Line management streamlines the cross-functional dialog approval loops between creative, technical, marketing, and legal teams to ensure brand- and legal-compliant voice experiences. The Line Explorer allows you to select and export groups of response lines for review, and even allows you make necessary edits, without having to navigate through the logic flow of the entire project.

PullString Converse - User Management and Team Collaboration

Dynamic Conversational AI and Context Switching

Just as in a regular conversation, the other person can abruptly change the subject, either completely or as an aside. Context switching improves the ability of your voice app to eloquently handle situations where your user interjects an aside or changes the topic in the middle of the current conversational context.

Converse allows you to define any number of interjections for which your app will listen and respond, as well as how to segue the interruption back into the conversational flow. This allows you to provide more robust, natural and engaging voice conversations.


Modules for Conversation and Content Reuse

As your voice project complexity increases toward conversational AI, the representation of hundreds of nodes becomes a challenge—even for a powerful visual design tool like the Converse editor. Modules simplify the design flow of a voice application by allowing designers to collect features and conversation content that can be reused elsewhere.

Modules have some very powerful properties: they are reusable, they serve as a scope for interjection sets, and they can be nested. This makes it even easier to create and manage large, complex voice experiences in a graphical and easy to use interface.

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Actionable Analytics

PullString Converse supports a number of reporting metrics out of the box to aid in the design and iteration of engaging voice applications. Converse analytics provide actionable insights into your application's performance and help reinforce and guide future iterations of your voice app experience.


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