White Paper: Three Fallacies of Conversational Artificial Intelligence

Within the field of AI, most people believe that machine learning is going to solve all of the problems of conversational dialog. But in reality, we are starting to see that deep learning may not be the solution to all problems in the field and that, instead, creating amazing tools for designers of conversational systems will be the way that we can leap forward into a world that’s populated with delightful and seamless conversational experiences.

Download this white paper to learn about three big challenges that must be overcome to advance the field of computer conversation.

Download the Ultimate Guide to Voice Applications for Health Care

eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Voice Applications for Health Care

As many as 23% of U.S. physicians report using voice assistants at work. They can ask clinically related questions and get answers directly; ask questions about drug doses and interactions; dictate patient notes and enter information into a patient's health record; and even deliver messages, like reminders or follow-up questions.

Download this eBook to learn about 15 compelling health care use cases for patients, health care providers, and employees.

Download the 2018 Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report

Report: 2018 Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption

Smart speakers continue to become more integrated into our daily lives. There are now 50 million+ people globally activated on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled devices, and thousands more adding devices to their homes every day.

This comprehensive report, a collaboration between Pullstring and Voicebot, examines how consumers interact with these devices and provides a deeper understanding of U.S. consumer trends and use cases for smart speakers.


eBook: Voice UI Design for Alexa Skill Developers

Designing Voice UIs is a brand new, still developing field. We share the lessons we learned building “The Grand Tour” skill and other conversational user experiences.


eBook: Create Convincing Computer Conversations

PullString began as an entertainment and technology company using art and technology to allow natural conversation with characters—way before we made tools to create computer conversation. We hired professional screenwriters, voice and theater actors to make lifelike interactions between people and products.

Over this time, our staff and writers have learned a tremendous amount about writing convincing, lifelike computer conversation.

We wrangled our writers together, squeezed out their expertise like a wet rag, and put together advice in this handy guide.


Case Study: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

To alert Call of Duty fans about the fall 2016 release of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, PullString designed a text-based conversational experience that enabled players to chat on Messenger with Lt. Reyes and other Call of Duty characters. 

Read about it in this case study.



Case Study: HackerOne

"Securing online experiences on web/mobile is hard enough, but what about the onslaught of IoT devices? Welcome to the world of PullString. This is the story of how they launched one of the most successful of more than 550 Bug Bounty programs on HackerOne ahead of their incredibly innovative IoT product launch."


White Paper: Character and Writing Tips for Chatbot

We've learned a thing or two about writing chatbots with character. We share what we've learned with you in this quick read.

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