Create a High-Fidelity Voice Experience: 6 Ways Entertainment Brands Are Leading the Way

Find out from some of the creative leaders in voice AI how top entertainment brands are distributing content and engaging fans through voice technology. Register for this Adweek webinar on October 18th at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT to learn: 

  • Best practices for designing high-fidelity voice experiences
  • How TV networks, radio broadcasters and game publishers are activating fans through voice
  • Ways that conversational AI is being used for audio storytelling


Three Fallacies of Conversational AI 

In this podcast, Cognilytica analysts interview Martin Reddy, CTO at PullString. We discuss 3 fallacies of conversational AI, why machine learning isn’t always the best approach to solving conversational problems, and what the industry needs to advance. 


How Designers and Developers Can Collaborate to Build Alexa Skills

At Voice Summit, Daniel Sinto, Head of Customer Success at PullString, demonstrates how creative teams can collaboratively design, prototype and publish Alexa skills.

The Emerging Voice and Smart Audio Landscape

In this Trending in Education podcast, Michael Fitzpatrick, President and COO of PullString, shares key trends in voice assistant technology.

Conversation Design with Oren Jacob

In this VUX World podcast, Oren Jacob, CEO and Co-founder of PullString, shares what it takes to create successful conversations with technology.

Storytelling in the Age of Conversational Interfaces (Google I/O '17)

While the medium may change, the story remains the key element in engaging audiences. Learn how we apply the learnings from over a decade working at Pixar to the new medium of conversational interfaces.

Give your conversations superpowers: Building intelligent bots for Skype

Skype's Steven Abrahams and PullString's Oren Jacob share what makes a great bot and explore together how to build the intelligent bots of the future.

Building a Better Bot: How Pullstring built the Doctor Who Bot

PullString Senior Writer Scott Ganz offers a deep conversational understanding platform that can be used to build Bots. Learn how PullString built bots that integrate with Skype and beyond.

Most Contagious 2016, London

PullString Cofounder & CTO Martin Reddy giving a talk at the Most Contagious conference in London

Dashbots Q&A with PullString's Lucas Ives on chatbots

Lucas Ives, Head of Conversation Engineering at PullString, shares his thoughts on how to improve engagement within computer conversations and the future of conversational interfaces.

Personalization of Virtual Characters and Assistants

Oren Jacob, CEO and co-founder of PullString, discusses how to approach the complexity of crafting computer conversation and the importance of having tools that are accessible enough for creative teams, but extensible enough for technical teams to bring the best conversational AI experiences to market.

The Art and Science of Building Bots

Sarah Wulfeck & Lucas Ives from the product team at PullString will discuss their artful approach to design and character building from their experience building Hello Barbie, a conversational toy for children.

The Future of Computer Conversation (Solstice FWD 2016)

PullString's Head of Enterprise Mike Houlahan gives a talk at Solstice FWD 2016, on the future of computer conversation.