Real Data on Smart Speaker Adoption & Use


Who Are Smart Speaker Users?

19.7% of American adults have access to smart speakers today, and our report creates a detailed picture of these consumers. Want to know who's using voice apps, for what, and how often? You'll get that information and more.


Devices Types and Usage

It's not surprise that Amazon's Alexa devices dominate the install base—but our analysis found an unexpected trend in device usage for shopping. Download the report to learn who's buying via voice. 


Why Some Haven't Bought... Yet

Our research found that some assumptions about why some consumers aren't buying smart speakers aren't as significant as previously thought. Learn why some people haven't bought a smart speaker... yet.

There's More to the Story. Much More.



Download the 29-page report to learn how—and how often—smart speaker adopters are using their devices, where they're placing them in their homes, how they're discovering apps, and how they're using them them for communication and commerce. 

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